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The goal of Fox Music Recording is to provide a high quality, reasonably priced service to musicians, teachers and students. Equipment has been carefully chosen to produce pure, “audiophile” quality stereo recordings of acoustic music. In selecting equipment, part of the goal has been to have a setup that is discreet and unobtrusive in live performance situations. Starting with a single stereo microphone connected to a Class A mic preamplifier, the recording is done directly to a Pro Tools system. Additional microphones can be added to the setup and recorded to separate tracks for mixing later.
In addition to live performance recording, Pro Tools allows recording of multiple performances (or takes) and has extensive editing capabilities. If you would like to have a recording session in a non-performance situation, it's possible to select sections from various takes and edit them together to create an optimal performance.
After recording, Pro Tools is used to edit, mix and master the recording for single or mass produced CDs.
Avid (formerly Digidesign) Pro Tools is the recording industry standard for the highest quality digital recording, editing and mixing. As an authorized Pro Tools instructor, performers are assured of state of the art quality in production.

The basic rate for recording is $70 per hour, while editing, mixing and mastering are billed at $50 per hour.
(Discounts are available to music students preparing audition material on a limited budget.)